Members of the Association who have gone to the Green Fields. Every attempt has been made to ensure that the following list is accurate and names of deceased members of the Corps have been listed in good faith. If there is an error in this list please advise and it will be rectified. If you can provide more detailed information on a deceased member please Contact Us.


Allan S F R, Tpr Died 4 November 1962

Anderson T, Tom Sgt RNZAC Cook Died 9 January 1994

       Apaapa, Billy, Died 27 May 2022

Appleford L A, Len Ex RF RSM Died 7 April 2013

Auckram, W Wally Ex NZ Scots

Ballance, Julian (Snow) 2Lt Died 3 June 1988

       Ballance, Roger, Died March 2022

Baxter R G, Capt Died 19 October 1968

Bell R H, Robert  Ex TF Capt Died 6 August 2011

Birch D P, Capt Died 5 August 1963

       Blackley M, Murray WO2 2NZ Scots, Died 18 November 2022

Blaikie, A T, Andy, Capt., Died 13 March 2019

Bowers M, Michael Ex RF QAMR Died 1 March 2013

Bowers P F, Peter Ex RF Died 14 April 2011

       Brooking, G.M. Graham, Died 12 August 2022

Brougham J R, Tpr Died 28 June 1962

Brown J, Jim, Colonel, Died 14 July 2020

Brunton J, Jack, Major, Died July 2020

Cameron N, Norm Ex NZ Scots

       Carswell, D.H. (Curly), Died September 2021

Cockroft L, Lance Ex NZ Scots

Collins J, Jim, Died August 2020

       Cone R, Ron, Sgt.  NZ Scots, Died May 2023

Cook G B, CPl Died 26 May 1952

      Cooper, Chris, Cpl Died 3 October 2021

Couzens T, Lt Died 20 November 1959

Crabb D H, Don Died 10 August 2009

De Trend, Pedro Sgt Died September 2015

       de Vere, R. Ray MC Died January 2023

Dring L, Laurie Ex NZ Scots

Drummond L J, Laurie, died 1 March 2010 TF QA(WAI/WEC) SQN

Durrer P, Pralli L/Cpl QAMR KIA Afghanistan 4 August 2012

       Dyson, Pat, Died 23 November 2017

Easton P A, Peter Died 24 June 2009

Edwards M, Mat WO1

Edwards R.G, Rodney, Cpl, RNZAC & RNZASC, Died 3 June 2020

Egar J, John, Died 26 April 2014 RNZAC 2NZEF J Force

       Ellis, A.N. (Andy), Died 28 August 2022

Faithful P, Peter, Died 28 March 2019

Fanselow C, Lt Col Died 27 June 1967

Favel D, Dave Died 29 March 2005

Ferguson R, Ross Died 25 March 2009

Ferens R S, Roy Died September 2006

       Filmer, Carl SSgt, Died 24 September 2020

Fletcher W A, Bill Ex NZ Scots

Fox R W, Robert Died June 2009

Fredrickson A G, Arthur, SSgt, QA(WAI/WEC) Sqn (LBdr 161 Bty Sig 1968-69)

French W A, Bill Died 19 November 2008

Galloway I T,  Ian  Brig  CBE  Died 28 August 2003  CO NZ Scots, Comdr 4th Armoured Brigade, Comdr LSG, TF Member Army Board

Gray J H, John Brig CBE Died 23 November 2016

Green K C, Kevin, Sgt, Died 23 October 2020

Grupen W B,Bill Died June 2009

Gullery M J, Mike, Died 24 September 2019

Hall E, Eathan Tpr Died Palmerston North October 2010 ex A Coy 1RNZIR

Hapi P T, Tpr Died 28 September 1990

Hawria M, Murray Died May 2009

Heatley D R, Ray Died 24 July 2010

Hemana L R, Laurie WO1 Died 14 July 2011

Hemopo B B, Cpl Died 28 July 1994

Henry N.G., Noel, Sgt, CMT & 3 Armd Regt, Died 4 June 2020

Hiko, R B,(Chunky) Died 1986?

       Hoffman, Alan (Hoff), WO1, Died 28/10/2022

Hudson J N, Joe WO2 Died 1989?

Iuli K A, Cpl Died 13 October 1987

Jamieson N C, Noel Died 22 October 2009

Jane B, Died 2008 Ex QAMR Assn

Jenks M W G, Capt Died 8 September 1973

Johnson - Waaka, WO1, Died 31 March 2021

Jones H L, Bill Died 4 July 2009

Kelly D, Des Major Died 23 March 2010 Ex OC 1 Sqn Scots

Killalea M J, Mike Sgt Died March 2009 ex RF and TF QA(Wai/Wec)Sqn

Lapslie L J R, Tpr Died 3 February 2007

Law G, Graham Colonel

Lee R C, Ron, Died 11 August 2019

Lomas J, John, Died 26 June 2020

Lord V G, Val SSgt Died 7 September 2015

McDonald E W, Tpr Died 31 May 1956

McDonald H L, Hugh Died 22 October 2007

McFarlane J, Jim ex NZ Scots

       McKay, Colin, Died 21 September 2021

Mallinder D, Don Died 2015

Maher S G, Stan Died 17 December 2007 ex QAMR Assn

Maurice E, Eddie WO1 Died 1994

Mawson J W, John Brig Died 2001

McAllister R A, Sgt Died 5 March 1958

       McKechnie, Don, Died 10 August 2021

Meha S L, Samantha (Sandi) Died 19 September 2013 Associate member (Wife of WO1 Rtd Morris Meha)

Meldrum B, Bruce MajGen CB OBE Died13 June 2006  ex CGS

Mitchell R G, Lcpl Died 29 June 1978

       Montgomery, A.J. Died 9 July 2021

Morgan J M, Jim S/sgt Died 5 November 2009 Ex QA(Wai/Wec)Sqn

Morrow D T A, Doug, Died 11 October 2018

Murray H W, WO2 BEM Died 13 August 2017 (Coogie Bear) QA Sqn

Murray K J, Ken, WO1, Died 28 August 2020

Murray K N, Keith died 27 September 2009 Ex NZ Scots

Nash G, Wally, Died 12 June 2019

Nepia D E, Dennis Cpl died 20 May 2006 Ex QA(Wai/Wec)Sqn

Neara H T, Jim, Died 05 October 2019

       Nixey, Brent, WO1 Died 23 December 2021

       Ngaira, Grant (Skippy) Died 13 May 2020

Ngata J, Joe ?

Noble A W, Scoobie, Died 05 November 2017

O'Dwyer N, Noel Capt MBE Died 11 July 2014, 20Armd Regt Italy WW2, SSM NZSAS Malaya, RSM 4 Armd Regt and QAR

O'Shea M E, Mark Cpl Died 2 June 2013, TF Wai/Wec Sqn

Parker T, Tristan Tpr (Fatty) Died 12 June 2017 QA Sqn

Parris - Rex, Died 24 July 2021

Paul M G, Mark - 'Plucker', Died 12 April 2018

Pearson M J, WO1 (George) Died 10 Sept 2017 QA(Wai/Wec)Sqn, 2 Scots, Sch of Armour, RNZAC Directorate 

Pepper R L, Dick BEM died? Ex Army Air Corp

Pickworth S J D, Lcpl Died 3 November 1990 1 Scots and QAMR

      Pierce B, Brett. Died April 2023

Phillips B R W, Bell Sgt (Pihau) Died 27 June 2016 RNZAC

Poumako P W, Sgt Died 21 August 1988

Powell C, Cass Capt, former SSM QA(Wai/Wec)Sqn, 

Puia S, Syd, Died February 2019

Queree A C, Lt Died 10 June 1956

Reed F J, Frederick S/sgt Died September 1987 Ex 7th Hussars and RNZAC

Rice A, Tony Sgt Died 23 November 1975 QA(Wai/Wec)Sqn and 1 Scots

Robinson B A, Barry WO1 Died 30 October 2015 QA(Wai/Wec)Sqn & 1NZATTV SVN

Robinson C J, Chris Sgt Died May 1978 QA(Wai/Wec)Sqn

Robinson L R, Len, Died 08 July 2016

Rodda L J, Snow Died 24 August 2008

Russell H, Harry Died 07 November 2018

Sands M M, Tpr Died 7 Mar 1956

Schofield N C, Neal Lt Col Died 5 Sept 2017

Searancke P R, Phil Ssgt Died 27 Sept 2004, RF RNZAC Instructor

Seymour P, Peter (Hoochi) Died 17 April 2015 QA(Wai/Wec) Sqn, RNZAF

Sharp D D, Des Maj BEM Died 6 Jan 2012

Simpson W A, Bill Lt Col QSM Died 7 June 2007

Smart R W, Ex QAMR Assn

Smith S V, Sherman Maj Died 6 Jan 2011 RF Cadet, 2nd NZ Regt Malaya

Soal M A, Tpr Died 30 May 1980

Stent A J K, Tpr Died 18 December 1991

Stodart J H, QAMR Assn

Styant M, Mike Died 22 Feb 2011, TF Offr 2 Scots

Taylor B, Brian Ssgt Died 26 June 2010  RF Cadet, 2nd NZ Regt Malaya

       Te Kira R, Paul (TK) WO1. Died April 2023

Te Moananui E, Eddie, Lt. Col., Died 27 March 2019

Te Whata J, John, WO1, Died July 2020

Timutimu H A, Sgt Died 5 February 1991

Trembath M, Mark Ssgt Died 21 Dec 2009, RF RNZAC Instructor

Turner B J, Barry, WO2, Died 23 November 2019

Wakeling W H, Died 1 Feb 2006  QAMR Assn

       Waters, Muddy, Died June2016

       Watson J T, Joshua. Died December 2022

Webster O L, Owen Lcpl Died 15 March 1974 RF QA(Wai/Wec)Sqn-NZ Scots

Werata T F, Terry, Died 14 September 2019

Whitney D, Dave Ssgt Died 1992 ? SQMS QA(Wai/Wec) Sqn

Whittle D A, ?

       Wilson, Chris Died June 2022

Woodard M A, ?

Yates L H N, Paa, Died 18 July 2018